For over ten years, the London-based artist Melanie Manchot has been using photography, film and video to work in and with mountains, especially the Alps, as important places of encounter between man and nature. The exhibition at LUMEN combines photographs and videos to create a single, overarching installation that spans three galleries. The title of this exhibition consciously refers to and sounds like that of a theatre play, yet here the mountains are the stage for experiences and insights. The exhibition hosted by Lumen mainly observes the hidden labour and the ‘backstage’ of the mountains, as Manchot's works take a behind-the-scenes look at the mountain industry in order to stage precisely those forms of labour that usually takes place out of sight. At night. At dawn. Work that occurs in places that remain out of sight for many people. Activities that are carried out day after day, night after night to secure the mountains and make them accessible for new experiences. Here, we find avalanche blasters and snowcat drivers, lift operators and mechanics. Even if we rarely see them in action, their craft and skills are always present in these pictures. Manchot’s work observes both the collaborative exchange and the tension between man, technology and nature to question our search for control. Yet all the while, it is in fact the snow that takes center stage in this exhibition. Snow drastically reduces the colour palette and often transforms its surroundings into virtually black-and-white vignettes. The photographs displayed at LUMEN form three sections: black, grey and white and the images are connected via horizon-like lines, thus forming a new kind of mountain range. Videos are interspersed with photographs, and all videos displayed here were filmed like photographs: framed by a static camera, the videos are animated by the motion within the image itself. Melanie Manchot's photographs and moving image works exist at the interface of documentary and staged events. Facts and fiction, observations and narrative strategies are artistic means to articulate and reflect our complex relationships with mountainous landscapes. "Mountains are an imposing topography, both in terms of their physical presence and their geological age. In many ways, they grant us an insight into our place in the world. They can make us question our sense of scale and time: human time in relation to the mountain’s deep time, our bodies in relation to the intensity of massive rock formations." All the photographs and videos form part of the ongoing series entitled ‘Mountainworks’ which started 10 years ago in Engelberg, Switzerland and now also comprises a large body of works made in the Montafon region in Austria. Mountainworks will continue indefinitely as a sustained enquiry into how the entanglement between people, landscapes and other species is informed by continuously evolving forms of exchange.


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LUMEN - Museum of Mountain Photography
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